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Individual Disability Income

Available Nationwide

In cases where the unexpected may occur, make sure you are covered by our Accident Disability Income Plans. Make sure you are covered by our GUARANTEED ISSUE Accident Plan ahead and be sure you are secure for all possibilities. Here's what you will receive:

Pays income if you can't work due to an accident (pay check protection)

Receive $ 250.00 a week, 14 day waiting period and up to 26 weeks benefit period

Partial Disability, $125 Max. Per Week, 14 Day Elimination, Up to 6 Weeks Benefit Period

Comes with the "National Health Card Benefit Plan"

Both husband and wife covered for one premium

Customers in ANY Occupation & State are eligible

Tax Free Benefits

10K if death results from an accident

GUARANTEED ISSUE, no underwriting

Can be added to any other plan - Sandwiching or stacking

Anyone under the age of 70 is eligible

Annual Premium is $315.95 a year

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