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Individual Disability Income
Individual Disability Income

Available Nationwide - One premium for either a single or for a full family

Be sure to ensure your whole family on this excellent medical plan. WIth great benefits and coverage, we know its the perfect plan for you. Details are below:

GUARANTEED ISSUE , no underwriting

Great for people with a limited budget

Any Hospital and/or Doctor in any State

$300 deductible per incident

100% up to $10,000

Also pays $150.00 a day for up to 31days ( $4,650.00)

Tax Free Benefits

Covers the Entire Family

National Health Plan included

Fully insured, not a discount plan

Pays Over and above anything else you have

Anyone under the age of 70 is eligible

Maximum benefits (in hospital and services) are $14,650

Premium for single or family

Annual = $435.95, Monthly = $40

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