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IRAs, Pension Plans and Retirement

It is never too early to plan for your retirement. In most cases, employer and government retirement resources will not provide sufficient funding to insure a comfortable and secure retirement. Retirement planning and retirement saving programs have become a necessity rather than a luxury. This section includes a number of features to assist you with your retirement questions. For a more comprehensive look at your retirement planning needs, please call this office.

Retirement Calculators
This section includes a number of calculators to assist you in determining how much you need to save to meet a specific future retirement need and compares the benefits of various tax incentive programs. Click Here

IRA & Pension Plan Strategies
This section includes a number of articles dealing with various types of IRA accounts and pension plans. Click Here

What will your Social Security Retirement be? - The Social Security Administration (800-772-1213) provides a variety of Internet resources.

SS Benefits Each year the Social Security Administration will send you a free Earnings & Benefit Statement to determine how much Social Security income you will be entitled to. You can use these calculators to estimate your Social Security retirement income.

Application for a Social Security Card - Form SS-5 - can be used by anyone who has never been issued a card, someone who needs a replacement card, or someone who has changed his or her name.

Location of Nearest Social Security Office - Input your zip code to determine the office location and hours of the nearest Social Security Administration office.

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